Have you ever noticed the playful but disruptive character of Jesus as you’ve read about his life in scripture? This work by John Eldredge takes you through the New Testament life of Jesus that stays fully within the religious text but then goes on to point out how the Lord teased everyone with his witty […]


Very entertaining sound bite to sound bite rational thinking sheds much light on how we could view our lives in active media. Thought provoking as he provides new viewpoints on everyday things. Great insight into an ADD mindset, although that is never admitted to throughout the read. Typical fun life of an American teenager courting […]

I loved the reality of this historical fiction as it put you in the middle of day to day real events of history from a sideline observers point of view who was able to view things from an independent perspective neither pro nor con regarding what took place as Alexander the Great conquered kingdom after […]

This book will really put a kink in what most people know about the Bible, for better and worse. Davis here compiles much research regarding the sources of most Bible text which is quite varied. I fear his accuracy is likely closer than what most folk want to know but I found it most useful […]

This is a wonderful fictionized love story so crazy it could almost be real, given the setting and community detailed herein. It capitalizes on people goals, focus and viewpoint to show how we allow our misunderstandings to rule our lives. Shares a lot of intimate thoughts, real business, ambitions and resources we all know something […]

This is a book that will truly help parents, school teachers or anyone who works with ADD or ADHD children. It covers the one thing that just about every other book on the topic misses and that is the special love, feedback and positive reinforcement of the child’s natural interests and abilities, capturing their enthusiasm […]

If you like modern day adventure stories mingled with verifiable history, this is a great read. Told in the first person of a pathologist married to a history professor, this exciting read leads you through the extended lives of many founding fathers to uncover an original draft of what became our Constitution complete with hand […]

I love the challenge this puts out to all people looking to be happy. It addresses well the idea that happiness is an attitude, a state of mind within our control that is totally independent of things that happen to us in the world of experience. Rather than things like success, victory, winning, being creative, […]

This is the master of novels that every economics, business and political leader needs to have under their belt if they are to consider themselves educated. Written over half a century ago, many of the cause-effect predictions made have come true in modern day America as if we have no clue as to how economies […]

This is a very wo is me rant of a poor rich woman who had life handed to her on a silver platter and found herself unprepared to handle it. If you like listening to rich complaints about everyday things, it’s good for that. If you’re looking for solutions to similar problems, she doesn’t have […]